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You can’t have your steak and eat it too… or can you?

You can’t have your steak and eat it too… or can you?

You love grilling, so of course you have a charcoal grill cause hey… flavor, purism and all. You’ve got all the accessories, chimney, firestarters, high grade tongs. But you’ve had the grill for a few years and used it maybe two or three times per month if that. I mean you’re not gonna come home after a long day’s work and get elbow deep in soot. And don’t get me started on the cleanup. So here we find ourselves naturally relegated to the odd weekend cookout, weather permitting.

Lightbulb moment though, you go out and buy a gas grill. I mean it’s super easy. Weeknight steak for 2 is a 20 minute job at most and you’ll get good use out of it. And the charcoal grill is still there for when you have the time and energy for it. But a feeling of unease and dread slowly starts to overtake you as you realize you’re compromising on flavor. Plus that one time you had your buddies over and they all made fun of you and sent memes for a week because hey… gas ain’t right. Plus that one other time you had a New Year’s gathering and your grill ran out of gas half way through. The grillin’ host life is not easy.

But NOW. It. Is. What if I told you that there exists a Goldilocks’ happy medium with absolutely no compromise? Enter Traeger and their innovative lines of pellet grills. What if you could get sweet wood-fired smokiness and easier than gas operation?  The only input you need is an electrical socket. Wood pellets in the hopper are ignited and create smoke within the cooking chamber, giving meats and vegetables and whatever else you might like to grill a pleasant, mild smoky flavor. All you have to do is set your desired temperature via the user-friendly control board or your phone and get cooking.

The best part here is the versatility. Wanna cook a brisket for 10 hours? Set your desired temp low and slow, insert the included meat probe into your well-seasoned hunk of meat, put it in and go to work… or go to sleep… or go out and run errands all day. If that’s not impressive enough, you can also monitor your grill temp and internal meat temp remotely from the Traeger app on your phone. What if, say, you get called into a meeting and can’t make it home on time? Easy. Just set the grill to a stay warm setting remotely from the app and it’ll hold for you as long as you want.

Yeah but what if you just want to grill a steak for one? Traeger’s got you again. Start up your grill and go super high temp (250c) and wait for it to get up to speed. Drop your steak in and just listen to that magical sizzle. You’d be fooled into thinking it was an inferno of coals under the grate.

At CarniStore, we’ve been pellet-experimenting for quite some time now, and we’re so impressed that we’re taking these bad boys live on our website. So grab your Traeger grill now while we have stock, and get a monstrous voucher to use on the meat that will feed that first cook.  Just click here and pre-order at CarniStore.