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Below are answers and links to our most common questions we get in regards to our loyalty program; CarniTribe.

How do I sign up for CarniTribe?

Signing up for CarniTribe is real easy.

If you have registered an account with us and are an existing customer, you're automatically eligible to start earning Meat Sweat points & rewards through CarniTribe.

If you don't have an account with us, simply click here, hit the JOIN NOW button in the rewards panel and create an account.

Once you have registered for an account, you will automatically be able to earn and redeem points at your leisure.

How do I view my Meat Sweat points balance?

If you're an existing customer with a registered account, you can view your Meat Sweat points balance at anytime by opening the rewards panel from any page on our website or simply click here.

*You'll need to be logged in to view your balance.

How do I earn Meat Sweat points? 

Once signed up, you earn points simply by placing orders through our online store. 

For every AED 1 you spend, you earn 1 Meat Sweat point.

You can also earn bonus points by following us on social media, celebrating your birthday, or by signing up for an account with us.

To view ways to earn, click here.

How do I redeem my Meat Sweat points for the rewards? 

If you've earned enough Meat Sweat points and want to turn them in for an awesome discount, you can do so from the rewards panel or simply by clicking here.

Just hit REDEEM on the reward of your choice and place your next order using your unique discount code.

*You'll need to have an account with us and be logged in to redeem your reward.


How do I refer a friend?

Referring a friend is super easy! If you have an account with us, simply open the rewards panel from any page on the website, find the referrals section and follow the instructions.

Alternatively, click here, to open this directly. 

Then, simply share your unique link on social media or directly with a friend or family member.

They'll get 10% off their first purchase and once they place their first order with us, you'll recieve your reward!

What emails will you send me? Will I be spammed?

We use one of the top loyalty program apps on Shopify,, which automatically sends you emails based only on actions you take within CarniTribe.

Emails are required in order to send you your rewards!

Please, scroll down, to find out how to opt-out and be removed from the program.

Types of Emails

Confirmation emails are sent when customers complete an action in our rewards program, including:

  • Earning points
  • Redeeming a reward
  • Referring a friend
  • Receiving a referral reward code
  • Receiving a reward for a completed referral
  • Promotional emails are sent to inform customers about time-limited changes to the program, or to encourage you to take an action at a specific time, including:
  • Referral link reminder email
  • Points bonus campaign

How do I unsubscribe from emails or edit my preferences?

Please note, by unsubscribing from our emails, you won't be able to receive any discount codes from CarniTribe.

If you'd like to unsubscribe or edit what emails you receive, there is a Manage My Preferences link at the bottom of the emails where you can do so.

How do I get removed from CarniTribe? 

If you'd like to be completely removed from the CarniTribe loyalty program, simply contact us on the below email, and we'll happily do so. 

Customer support: