How can I place my order from Carnistore?

Placing an order with us is as easy as running a steak knife through one of our buttery steaks. Our user-friendly website allows you to browse through our products with ease, select add-ons with a few clicks and arrange delivery according to your schedule. If you would like to order something you cannot find on our website, or need some expert advice, please email us at carnihelp@carnistore.com. We will do our best to reply within 24 hours.

How do the rub & marinade add on work?

When you buy one of our meat products, you will notice an option to add a rub (dry seasoning) or a marinade. If you select one of these options, we will apply a generous dose of your choice addition directly onto your meat so that by the time it gets to you, you can throw it directly onto the grill, pan or oven without having to worry about any prep! Isn’t that awesome?!
We don’t recommend adding both a rub and marinade onto the same piece of meat, might turn out a little “out there” in the flavor department. So if you select both we will deliver the marinade on the side.
We have added our recommendations to the product page to help you make up your mind, however if you feel adventurous let us know which one worked best for you 

What's the deal with Burgers, Sausages & Grills?

Usually when you walk into a butcher shop, you will see the butcher counter on one side with some scary lookin dude behind it, and on the other side a few shelves and fridges with burgers, sausages and ready to grill meats and condiments. This is our Burgers, Sausages & Grills section

What about the sides & sauces?

Keep in mind that our sides and sauces come hot and ready for consumption. Perfectly paired with any of our hot smokehouse items, they make a complete meal that requires zero effort to prepare. We have added our recommendations to the product page to help you make up your mind, however if you feel adventurous let us know which one worked best for you 

When will I receive my order?

All depends on when you order it! If you order anytime before 2pm, you will likely receive it the same day. All orders received after 2pm will be delivered the next day. Sometimes we do sell out at certain days and time slots , hence they will be made unavailable at check out.
Please don’t rush our meat artists! You will need to give them a 24-hour heads up for all your smokehouse orders. If there is a possibility to deliver before that, we will definitely let you know. If you are having guests over next week and need to schedule a delivery at a specific date and time, just give us a call or shoot us an email before placing your order and then relax, we gotcha covered!

What if I miss my delivery?

Unfortunately, the weather here doesn’t really allow us to leave your package at the front door else you may come home to find the contents lookin kinda gross! We will need to take it back to our meat gallery and contact you to arrange for another delivery time.

What payments are accepted?

We accept online credit card payments, credit and debit cards on delivery as well as cash on delivery!
We recommend you pay online just in case you’re out when we deliver, anyone home can accept the delivery on your behalf without payment arrangements needing to be made.

Where do you deliver?

We now deliver UAE wide! We can accommodate same day deliveries in Dubai while in the other Emirates, you will have to wait one or two days for your meaty package of goodness to arrive. Please ensure that you select your Emirate of residence as soon as you land on the website (there is a toggle at the top of your screen).

Where is my meat coming from?

We source our meat from the best farms on the planet.. Only ethically raised meats that come from Argentina, Australia and The United States straight to your doorstep. You have our word that none of our products will ever endure exposure to hormones or antibiotics, nor inhumane and unsanitary caging environments.

Are your meats halal?

Yes, as per the laws and regulations in the UAE imported meats are all Halal.

What if I need a special request?

You can add any special requests in the notes section and we will do our absolute bestest to ensure that your every detail is acted upon accordingly. Otherwise we will give you a call to sort things out. Jubbly Bubbly!

How do I store my items when received?

Put all cold items in the fridge ASAP and consume same day or freeze for later use. Consume all hot items within 2 hours otherwise place in the fridge for later consumption. We don’t recommend keeping items in the fridge for periods exceeding 72 hours.

Most of our products are vacuum sealed individually, making them freezer friendly. If you’re the type that likes to bulk buy and meal plan, this is a great option for you. Items placed in the freezer will easily last for a long time. Please ensure that you defrost safely in the fridge.