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We've gone to great lengths to source exclusive, premium grass-fed beef and lamb from the ends of the globe. Our CS Graze range has been selected using the most stringent of criteria as follows:
  • Superior genetics - Graze animals have been refined through centuries of specialty breeding to achieve ideal marbling, tenderness and flavor. We actually guarantee the eating experience, that's how confident we are that you will not find superior quality grass-fed anywhere.
  • Animal Welfare - Yes we visit the farms and check in on the processes. We want to make sure that the animals you consume live free and happy in nature, far away from confined spaces and unnatural, genetically modified feed. Happy animals translate to great taste and nutrition for you and your loved ones.
  • Health - Our grass-feeding programs lead to higher concentrations of healthy omega 3's as well as heme iron and access to other essential bioavailable nutrients. Graze animals never see feedlots so are free to roam every day of their lives, meaning lower levels of problematic omega 6 fats. You can feed your loved ones CS Graze knowing full well that it will lead to maximized physical and cognitive development while maintaining and balancing healthy hormone levels at all ages.
  • Environmental responsibility - Our Graze programs are good for the environment. Ruminants that feed on grass and fertilize the soil enable a process called carbon sequestration by which the emissions produced by the animal are sucked back into the soil as grasslands grow back richer. We are continually seeking out these holistic, regenerative programs. Feel free to check out these shareable infographics to better understand our mission.  
We often get asked which country our meat comes from and the answer really is... it doesn't matter! We monitor and source from programs in different countries, ensuring the above criteria are met. So although we source from several microclimates including the Te Kuiti fields of New Zealand, the vast Las Pampas plains of Argentina, the lush southwestern British countryside etc... Just look for that CarniStore Graze branding and you can rest assured that we have painstakingly picked out the best for you.