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A ground-breaking first in the region, we are now the exclusive supplier of a premium range of carbon negative grass-fed angus from New Zealand that is superior to anything we’ve ever tried in terms of taste and quality. 

How can beef be carbon negative?

We’re glad you asked. Hailing from the green pastures of Taranaki on New Zealand’s North Island, the cattle used to produce CarniStore 365 are raised using a method called regenerative farming.

This means that they aren’t fed in industrial feeding lots but instead are left to graze all day in paddocks that are systematically rotated.

This allows the cattle to graze in an area and naturally fertilise the soil with their manure before moving on to an area where the grass is longer.

Using cows in their historic role and replicating migratory patterns allows the animals to vacate an area for long enough for the grass to go through a 70-day lifecycle.

During this period, excess CO² in the atmosphere is absorbed by the grass and stored in the soil as carbon.

In fact, studies have shown that this holistic approach to farming actually produces less CO² than the highly processed plant-based alternatives that have gained popularity in recent years.

It’s a winner when it comes to flavour too.

After several blind tastings that compared the new range to USDA Prime and Argentinean Premium grass-fed, CarniStore 365 was favoured every time.

It’s good and good for the environment. What more could you want?

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